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World Outreach & Missions

A Brief Note:

We want to update you about what God is doing with our region. And answer the question, why now?

Why now? Many of our neighbors come from other countries such as Mexico or Central America where they have endured hardship yet are rich in faith. Others are struggling financially, caught in addiction, or connected to gangs. Since the stay-at-home orders were issued, we are seeing that the needs in our community have greatly increased. For example, while our family was recently taking a walk around the block, we ran into a woman who was in tears because she was struggling to provide food to her family. So how do we see God leading us serve during this crisis? 

Sharing The Good News of Christ’s love with our neighbors and empowering others to do so. Evan has several neighbors and friends who regularly accompany him to do street evangelism. 

Bible Study & Fellowship so that our family can engage neighbors at a deeper level of friendship through hospitality and the teaching of God’s Word. Before the pandemic we were already hosting regular groups. We have since been using Zoom until we are ready to resume these meetings. 

Youth Ministry will consist of assisting our long-time friend Tony Gomez who leads Fellowship of Christian Athletes locally. Tony grew up in a similar neighborhood and is doing amazing things through this platform of influence among our young people.  He has a Wrestling Club which provides a way to meet local parents and families. 

What about accountability and structure? We will be able to involve friends and members of the Church based on their talents and interests.

How can I help?

Prayer – We need prayer partners! God can do more in one answered prayer than we can do in a lifetime. 

Finances – We are seeking to raise some support for:

    • Groceries and other critical supplies to help bless those living on the edge
    • Bibles and study materials used for evangelism and Bible Study groups
    • Hospitality associated expenses when we open our home (once the stay-at-home orders are lifted)
    • Zoom account expenses and costs for other tech tools

With Love, In Christ;

For more information contact Evan @ evan.c.miles@gmail.com